Logo and templates

We’re a large and sophisticated health service, so we have a system of identities in place to represent ourselves.

Our logos are made of two parts, the logo (name and the emblem) and the logomark (just the emblem).

Monash Health logo

Monash Health is our primary identity. It carries the most reputational weight and should be the one we turn to by preference. As such, the primary Monash Health logo is our logo of choice.

If in doubt, use this logo.

The Monash Health logo asset pack contains several versions of our logo to ensure it can be used appropriately in different visual contexts. Please review the visual identity guide on this site before using our logo.

There are two different types of colour formats in the logo asset pack:

  • The file with CMYK in the title should be used for print designs (e.g. publications and uniforms)
  • The files with RGB in the title for digital designs (e.g. websites and electronic documents)

Review the visual identity guide on this site if you would like learn more about colour formats.

Monash Health email signature

As part of our transition to a new visual identity we have introduced a new email signature.

Simply download the document above, and follow the instructions to update your email signature.

Please do not modify the format of this email signature or append additional logos to it.

Secondary identities for programs, sites, departments and services is underway and will be shared when available.

Monash Health PowerPoint template

This compressed ZIP file contains two files:

  • A .PPTX file with instructions that provides best-practice examples for using the Monash Health PowerPoint template
  • A .POTX file that opens a blank template in a new PowerPoint file