Here you will find helpful Monash Health identity files and templates along with guidelines on how to correctly use them

Our community expects us to be forward-looking and relevant, not just in the services we provide, but also in the way we communicate. Increasingly that communication is through digital media, and our new visual identity works just as well on phone screens as it does on large hospital signs.

Our identity is much more than a logo

A strong logo is important, but our identity is so much more.

Our identity is not only how we look; it’s how we’re perceived and how people feel about us. It’s every single detail of Monash Health, from our guiding principles, to our people, to the care we provide.

It’s also how we engage with our employees, patients and consumers and the environments we work in.

It’s all about consistency

The best identities are memorable due to the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colours, and images. Their language sounds familiar, and we know what to expect when we encounter them.

This identity hub exists to create a common understanding of how the elements of our identity come together, and how to bring it to life when communicating with our people, our patients and consumers, our stakeholders and the communities we serve.